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cad drawings to sketch up??

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Well if you are using Google SketchUp 8 (the free one) you will have some issues. Google, in it's great wisdom decided to remove the import .dwg/.dxf from the free version. I guess they needed the Pro's $500 price tag pretty bad. There are a few ways around this.

I still use v7 as I did not see a real good reason to upgrade to v8 and I still need to import dwgs. Now you can have v7 and v8 installed side by side if you do like v8 and some of it's new features. Open v7 and import your dwg and then save and open in v8.

You can also download and install the free dwg editor DoubleCAD XT. It is a AutoCAD LT clone and while you might not need another CAD program it can open dwgs and save them to skp (SketchUp files). You can also use it to open skp files and save them out as dwg files ;)

Good luck.

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Import command on what? in autocad or in sketchup?


Sketchup. But as f700es stated you'd have to now be running the Pro version.


You import into a program, therefore one would save as a dwg/dxf in AutoCAD and then import the file into Sketchup.

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Can you save to SketchUp in DoubleCad? I thought you can only open a skp and save it as a dwg, not the other way around. If it's possible, my life just got easier.

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