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Annotative Multileader Arrow Tail Placement


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This problem has been baffling me for some time now, almost 9 months and I can not for the life of me find the solution. I am using AutoCAD Civil CD 2010 and from what I've been told this problem persists on AutoCAD Architectural 2011.


What my problem is when I make Annotative text with attached arrow by using the "Multileader" icon in my ribbon I get the text I desire, but the arrow tail is placed in a position that is visually displeasing.


The tail attaches it self to the correct row of the text, but it stops at the length of the longest line of text. For example if my text is 4 rows tall, but row 2 is the longest length of text, it will attach itself to row 4, length 2.


The two ways I've been able to achieve what I desire is to:

1. Adjust the width of the text to put the arrow tail to the text I desire. This method works, but ultimately it will make the text even more visually displeasing and thus negates itself.

2. Explode the text and position the arrow manually. This is not an option, it's too "dirty" of a method and creates too many problems.






This image shows how the text normally appears, exaggerated for clarity. As you can see it's two rows of text, but stops at the longest row. I want the arrow tail to be close to the word "Test".




This image shows I am able to achieve the desired effect, but I've had to adjust the text box width. While this particular text doesn't look terrible, imagine if it were a 25+ word call out and the only way to clean up the text is to add hard returns and adjust the text box width. 1% of the time it works, but 99% of the time it makes the call out look so bad.




This image shows what I desire (top right) and the result I get by using the method I do now (bottom right). Ultimately, I'd like the solution that allows me to make the text how I normally do and get the result of the top right text.

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Would it please you to align your text to the right?


Office standards require align left. Though I'm more curious to find a solution because at this point I haven't been able to, it has become a challenge.

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Would it please you to align your text to the right?


I've been having similar issues with Acad Mechanical 2010/2011. Alignment to the right just looks like ass.

I was taught through school and work experience to always justify to the left, I guess it's an old school drafting practice, which Autodesk doesn't always seem to understand.

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That is the way it works, for now anyway. There have been lots of complaints so I wouldn't be surprised that Autodesk is working on it.


I find creative ways to only have leaders coming from the left to avoid the problem you have described. Otherwise I adjust the text width the same as you have described.


You can edit the mtext and use the Distribute justification option, doesn't look too bad depending on the situation.

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