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Well its more of referring to a drawing in a document. Not sure why "drawing" wouldn't just be spelled out but he wants to use drg instead of using dwg when abbreviating "drawing" in a document.


Have you seen documents that refer to a drawing as drg?

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It looks like "he" isn't concerned about file extensions... From a CAD standpoint the only abbrev for drawing is dwg... This guy isn't a draftsman i am assuming...

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Hello all,

Question: What is the correct abbreviation for a drawing?

drg or dwg?


Since you are asking about abbreviations I would pick either one, define it in my legend and let it go at that. Looking on the internet many people swear dwg has been the abbreviation for years and others say they have always used drg. Because of AutoCAD it seems most of us associate dwg and not drg with the abbreviation for drawing.

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A google search of DRG, first hit is "Diagnosis-related group"


Agoogle search of DWG, first hit is "Drawing"


The interweb hath spokeneth!

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