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proper daylight transitions involving corridors


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Greetings all!


I have a dilemma that I thought sounded pretty straightforward, but have discovered it is not. I have a levee for a project involving wetlands and each levee has an alignment, profile and corridor associated with it.


My problem is that I have different sideslopes along the levee you see. I have places where the side slopes are 10:1 and then go to a 4:1 and THAT is where my problem and question is. I have an assembly with a 10:1 slope, I have an assembly with a 4:1 slope; how do I properly make the transition between the two assemblies inside of my corridor?


Here is what I have done thus far: I created an additional assembly that had just the levee top. I broke the corridor into 3 regions and thought that if I had a region with the 10:1 assembly, a region with the levee top only assembly, and then the 4:1 assembly the corridor would transition the daylights between the two, but alas it does not.


Any help, or suggestions would be greatly appriciated. Thank you for reading.





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I ended up taking someone elses suggestion from a different CAD forum and creating an assembly with the levee top and a generic link attached to the levee link. I then broke my corridor up into different regions using the above mentioned assembly as my transition assembly. I then extracted feature lines from the generic link P2 code and then did a grading transition off that feature line. I now have a corridor surface and a surface from the grading transition, but I can paste those two together to get a single whole surface.



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