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Annotative block issue

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I have attached an annotative block. I have a problem when trying to drag the annotative view to a different area on the plan to prevent overlap on larger scales. I have an alignment grip at the base point. when i try to drag the 1/8 scale view for example;the entire block moves. I have moved the basepoint to make this work and it does but I cant have the basepoint and the alignment parameters at the same location as it always moves all views of the block


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That's the downside if you place the alignment at base point.

How do you use the block? If you only need the alignment for placement, then you can consider to create nested block:

  1. delete the alignment in current block
  2. create the existing block (rec) as another block.
  3. add the alignment parameter in parent block.
  4. You can now place it to your drawing, then explode after you finish. Or you can activate explode during placement.

Another way is you add alignment parameter at other location. This will not align block during placement, you need to move it using align grip after placing it.

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