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change the Width factor


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possible workaround would be to create a new style or alter the text style as you can specify width factor in styles.

sorry - not a lisp - but you posted in beginner's area ;-)

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you can't change width factor in properties, can you?


Gosh dang it again! No you can't, you're right. I was thinking of width of the text not the width factor in the text.

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What am I missing here?


Isn't the Width Factor an option that can be changed in the Style dialog box?


Yep, that is what it sounds like the OP is after. We'll see if he comes back and confirms it.

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If that were the case (meaning that's what the OP is talking about) then changing the Width Factor in the Text Style dialog box should globally change it for all the text (including MText) in the drawing of that particular style.

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Sorry Late to the Party


Explode all Mtext.

Highlight all text.

Go to properties then change width factor to desired.

Using Express tool Convert all text back to Mtext. (Settings -combine into a single Mtext object-)



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