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Dual screen


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Does anyone know if you can use dual screen with AUTOCAD, if so how do i enable it?


(Like microstation

Menu - Workspace

Tab - Operation

Check the first box "Open two application windows")

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I am not familiar with Microstation and not exactly sure what you're asking, but if you mean can you have 2 drawings open, one on one screen and one on the other, there are a couple ways to do that. The easiest way is to simply open a second autocad session, hit the "restore down" button (the one between the - and x in the upper right corner) and drag the second session over to the other monitor. Or if you only want one session open, you can hit the restore down button and manually stretch the window to fit across both monitors. Open a second drawing, then go to window, tile horizontallly, and drag the windows to resize as needed.


Is that what you meant?

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If SDI mode = 0 you can open multiple drawings within a single session. If you restore down each drawing window, you can resize them how you would like, and work simultaneously on each.


Personally, I use the two session approach mentioned above... Land Desktop (SDI = 1), and Map (SDI = 0) simultaneously across dual monitors, each being on it's own monitor.


Good luck!

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i need to open the same drawing into two cad files and also i need to work simultaneously.

it is possible in microstation....


You can create two files of the same drawing and edit them simultaneously? Wow...that's cool, but why would you ever want to do that?

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MicroStation has the option to open a second application window. It has as standard 8 further windows that can be opened, usually 1 to 4 in the first application window and 5 to 8 in the second application window. There is a window activation panel with eight check boxes, checking a box opens the window.




These windows are known as viewports in AutoCAD. In AutoCAD you can't have two application windows as in MicroStation.


The nearest that you will get is by a workaround but its nothing near as comfortable as in MicroStation. I take it you have two monitors. Re-size AutoCAD over the two monitors, and create two viewports, go into each viewport and create a further four viewports. Then you get the configuration below.




If you don't want 8 viewports you can create as many as you need by varying the procedure shown here.


As far as I know, it is not possible to manually change the size of the viewports in AutoCAD as you can the windows in MicroStation.


The example of MicroStation shown here is MS95, but it applies to all versions of MicroStation through to the current one MS V8i


In MicroStation there is only ONE instance of the drawing open, but because the viewports look like a real window it gives the impression of several instances.

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Ok, I understand what you are saying now. And the answer is yes, you can do that in AutoCAD, but it doesn't look quite a neat as Microstation does it. In the pic below, I have 15 drawings open at the same time. To manually change the size of the windows, just drag the edges around.


I think what got us both confused is the different definitions of the term "viewport". In AutoCAD, viewports will give you different views of the same drawing. If you want more than one drawing open, you do that in different "windows". This is called "tiling" the windows.


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If you get more than 2 or 3 drawings open at once, it becomes far easier to maximize one of them, and then switch between them as needed. One method for doing that is by using this menu:



This menu is also where you tile the windows if you wish, lock thier positions and an assortment of other options.

You are limited in how many you can open only by how much your ram and processor will stand.

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To activate a pane, just click once inside it. You can move or copy objects from one pane to the other very easily using the AutoCAD Copy or Move command. Just remember to set the base point in the “source” pane, then click once in the “destination” pane to activate it, then click to set the destination point (AutoCAD calls this the “second point”) in the second pane.

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