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Information for new members

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Information for new members


If you have just registered with our forum and you've successfully verified your email address by clicking the link in the email sent to you, congratulations, you're now part of the CADTutor community!


Making your first post is very easy, see this thread for details if you want to ask a new question and create a new thread. To reply to an existing thread, simply click on the "Reply to Thread" button.




User Titles

When you make your first post, you will see your username and details in a column to the left of your message. Notice that initially, your title is "Forum Newbie". All new registered users start life as forum newbies but your title will quickly change as your post count increases. For example, once your post count has reached 10, your title will change to "Junior Member" and when it reaches 25, your title will change to "Full Member".


Please note that your post count does not always equal the number of posts you have made because posts in the "Community" section of the forum do not count towards your post count.


Forum Newbies

Like all busy forums, CADTutor attracts a lot of spammers and it is a constant battle to keep the forum clean. In order to improve our chances, we have put in place certain restrictions on the use of the forum by Forum Newbies. This is not intended to frustrate genuine new registered users and it's not because we don't trust you, it's simply the best way we know of stopping our forum being swamped by spam.


The following is a list of things that Forum Newbies cannot do:

Cannot use the personal messaging system.

Cannot post visitor messages to user profiles.

Cannot add a signature to your profile.

Cannot use custom avatars although you can choose one from our extensive library.


Links in posts

In addition to the above, if you add a link in your posts, they may be moderated. This means they will not appear until a moderator has checked them. If you want your post to appear immediately, do not include links.


Junior Members

Once your post count has risen to 10 and your title changes to "Junior Member", all the restrictions will be lifted and you can use the forum in the normal way. The change of status happens automatically and you don't need to do anything.


Obviously, we'd rather not have to apply such restrictions to newly registered users but it is a very effective way of preventing most spam.


Thanks for joining the forums - I hope you find the experience rewarding.



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