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Label Note Increasing Counter


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Hello all


Long time lurker and have always been able to find answers to my questions except this one.


I am using a label note to label several (100+) features across a large project. The label is going to read "Crossing Number 100" and each will read the same with the # increasing..."Crossing Number 101" which will be equated to a table.


Is there a way to use the Label Note feature and have a field or compenent so that every time I insert this label it automatically inputs the next sequential number?


This will save time instead of going through and editing the text of every label across the whole drawing.


Thanks for all the help!

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Any way to use stationing? some kind of block?


Not a bad idea...


Think of this as the note will be used every time you cross a railroad track in a small city. The note will refer you to a table with data about that crossing.


If it were a block, how do you tie it to an alignment?

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If you know a little LISP, you can store the next value in a user variable. Every time you place a label (it would have to be through a LISP routine), you read the value, put it in the label, increment, and store it back to the user variable. Of course, if you skipped a crossing, you'd be in trouble.


Is the table linked to anything? Is it an AutoCAD table or something else like Excel?

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