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Can you link excel cells to dimensions?

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Currently i have an excel spread sheet that automatically generates pipe details (length's etc) and a separate drawing with a general code illustrating which dimension links to what part.


I want to combine the two so they cant be misread but not have to manually duplicate text. Does anyone know a way?





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If i am understanding your issue correctly, then you would want to utilize DATALINK, TABLE, and FIELD...

the datalilnk and table are pretty self explanitory, but using fields to display dimensions from your table will take some explanation...


Once you make your TABLE from your datalink, creat your dimension, invoke FIELD, choose formula, then choose the cell option. Click on the cell that holds your dimension data and copy the field expression into the text override of the dimension and you should be set

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just a question for you, what happens when you close out of the drawing and re-open it do either of your fields work? Ive tried the copying of field expression before and it would not work after a dwg was close and openned again

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