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Pipe Network Question


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I'm using AutoCAD Civil 3D 2010.


I'm new to pipe networks so bear with me. What I'm trying to do is create pipe network from objects. So I go to Pipe Network> Create Pipe Network from Object> then slect my object.... but what if I want multiple objects under the same network?


If I call multiple objects the same network name, it just adds a counter (ex. Proposed Water, and Proposed Water (1)). I don't want that. I want them all under the same network but different pipes.


One of our older drawings have mutliple pipes under the same network.. Help!


I've got another one... is there a way to move a pipe from one network to the next?


Oh! Also... how do I add a structure to a pipe? The tutorial is way confusing.


Thanks in advance!

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You may have tried this already. Select a pipe. Right click. Select Pipe Properties. That will give you a window with three tabs. Under Information you can change the pipe name. Under Pipe Properties you can change various values related to the pipe.


As for moving pipes between networks, I'm not sure how to do that. On the right-click menu, you have the option to detach/attach pipes from/to structures, so maybe that's it.


To add a structure to a pipe, use Edit Network from pull-down or right-click menu, make sure the Structure (not Pipe) button is on, select the structure type, and place the structure. You'll have to attach pipes to it as already noted.

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