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Glass Doesn´t render?


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And also, for some reason as you can see, to get the "Ljudstudion" signs in place on the render, I have to move them slightly out of place in autocad.

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...why does the glass dissappear when rendered?...


Most probably that material (glass) is too transparent for rendering. Adding some reflection to the glass material should do the trick.


At least you would come to know whether the render contains the glass object(s) or not... :lol:


...I have to move the "Ljudstudion" signs slightly out of place in autocad...


That's a mapping issue, which usually occurs when you're applying materials to non-primitive solids. Chances are that this solid lost its "primitive identity" while you did operations like subtract, union etc with it.


Refer to this post and see if it helps: http://www.cadtutor.net/forum/showthread.php?55297-Material-Mapping-in-ACAD2011&highlight=mapping


Cheers! :wink:

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when your placing signs lets say on a piece of paper in autocad

you only want a map on 1 side/ the side thats visible,

to apply to a single faces

press and hold control key and then click and drag the material to the object without letting go of the ctrl key


at times things will get disoriented or tilted at an angle, im not sure exactly why it happens but to fix it go to the render tab, or find material mapping, switch it to box and use the ctrl key to select a face, you can then use the move and rotate gizmo to align the material back into place, if you struggle to get the gizmo at a perfect 0 or 90 degree angle you can turn on ortho mode to get perfect alignment on a 0,90,180 degree angle/ horizontal, or vertical

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