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Synchronizing tool palettes on modification


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Hello community!


First post ever. I've been spending so much time trying to figure this one out that I kind of gave up. Now I need your help.


I have 4 computers sharing tool palettes on a network. Whenever a user updates the palette with a new block, he has to export the .xtp file on the network and every other users has to reimport the palette in order to see the changes.


We're in the middle of a big clean up since we just got our new Autocad 2011 license and the palettes change pretty much every day, whenever we find time to reorganize it.


Is there a way to skip the export/import part when modifying a tool palette? I mean we are all using the file on the network right, so why doesn't it update on modification? At first I thought the palettes would update on startup, at least, but it seems that every single user has to export first and then import the .xtp file every morning or so.


It feels like once the palette on the network has been imported, the modifications we apply on the said palette are local, as if autocad would copy the one on the network instead of running it live, which makes it harder to keep it synchronized on every machine.


I'll stop my post here because I don't want to further confuse anyone. I hope the problem's clear. I hope there's a way to work around that export/import sequence and get this whole palette thing to work in sync.


Thanks for reading this,

any help is appreciated 8)

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It sounds as if you don't have a networked palette set up. Each user is importing a palette file and having it stored on a local machine.

You can add a second Tool Palette File Location to your Acad support paths and have it point to a networked location. This will allow users to keep their local palettes but also be able to use a networked palette. You can then add your palette to this networked locaton, lock it, and have one person manage it's content.

There's quite a bit of info on augi.com about managing tool palettes, such as http://forums.augi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=45739&page=4&highlight=tool+palette.

There's also been a lot published by Autodesk University.

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