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Plots are fine, Publishing gets cropped


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I created a pagesetup to output to EPS files. Then i have our acrobat server convert them to PDFs. We typically get smaller files than using the DWG to PDF print driver that way.


I can run a plot with the pagesetup and it works fine. However, if i use the same pagesetup on the same drawings using the publishing feature, the PDFs generated are cropped on one edge. It's like the whole plot is offset. I have no idea why it's doing this... Any suggestions?:unsure:


I'm using AutoCAD 2009.

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Have you tried the Fit to paper option under plot scale?


Just tried it, borders are going right to the edges.. i've got sample plots of each one.. plotting w/ the pagesetup.. then publishing w/ the same pagesetup. 3rd one is a modified pagesetup w/ the plot scaled to fit.. (see attachment)



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Do you have ISO Fullbleed sizes? I had a similar problem but using the DWG - PDF plotter where we would loose the borders on the left and right, changing to fullbleed sizes gave us the extra space. Also you could try drawing an outer rectangle and setting a window which is bit a of a pain but it helps me sometimes.

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First, thanks for the suggestions and some feedback... Glen, I decided to recheck my sheet sizes.. my pagesetup was using an "ISO A0 expanded (841x1189)".. I adjusted the print margins in the file to zero, so i could "print" right to the edges. I decided to change the print margins for the "ISO A0" sheets (portrait and landscape).. Ran the publisher again, and there's no problems now.. So even though my pagesetup specified "ISO A0 expanded", modifying "ISO A0" fixed the problem (!?) So, i'm assuming that when publisher runs, it looks at the printer being used, and picks the first 'same size' sheet that's specified in the pagesetup?? I'm glad it's working.


Thanks for the help folks.. consider this case solved!

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