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camera, target, and lights icon had desapeared on 3ds max 2009


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hey guys i had a problem with my 3ds max 2009, maybe you can help me. the thing is, when i choose any kind of camera(vray or free) and i put it on my scene ican't see de camera icon and the target icon that is alittle cube so when i want to pick it to move onthe scene , results very dificult; the same problem i have with the lights, when i place them on my scene the icon and target dont appear, just the cone and rays as in the camera.

i'm using vray 1.5 sp4, with 3dsmax 2009.

i reinstall my 3dsmax but the problem stills there, i think maybe its a shortcut i pressed. i have that problem since one month ago so i discard that the problem was my video card. so if some nows how can i fix it , i'll be very gratefull, thanx everybody

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:lol: Just figured it out. Shift+C toggles the display of cameras in the scene.


So, to re-cap:

Shift+L to toggle light display on and off

Shift+C to toggle camera display on and off


In the future, I would recommend asking questions here in the forum before doing something as drastic as re-installing the program. :wink:

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