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Using 2d plans to generate 3d rendering


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Good Day


Which software application can I use to create a rendering of an elevation from just 2 dimensional dwg plans and elevations? I was interning in an office where the developer hired a render to develop illustrations of our design. The render said he only required our first floor and second floor plans, and the elevation we wanted rendered. The turn around time was very quick (24 hours). I was surprised as building a model takes me a long time. The cornice was very detailed, it would have taken much longer to build a model.


I'd like to quickly create scenes of my studio work. (I don't have alot of time between work, school, and baby sitting my new brother and sister). Any information is appreciated.



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When you say it was a 24 hour turnaround, you mean (3) eight hour days, correct? You're not saying he came back the next day with the finished renders are you? I don't see how that could be possible. Especially if there was a lot of detail work. Although, a program like ZBrush can make detail work extremely fast and simple. Do you know what program(s) this person used?


There really is no magic button when it comes to 3D modeling though. You just have to get in there and do it. But it helps when you have a large library of pre-built models to pull from. The bigger and more extensive your library is, the faster you can crank out projects.


You are talking about 3D modeling and rendering, correct? After re-reading your post I'm not sure if you're talking about 3D work or color hand rendering? Although you did post in the 3D section so I assume you're talking about 3D?

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