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Convert dwg into xref


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An xref is am externally referenced drawing. The question should be how do I insert a drawing as an xref.


In a new drawing type


Press the top left hand button with the DWG symbol on it

Goto the drawing you want to insert (as an xref)

Click on it and press the 'open' button

on the next dialog box press the 'OK' Button

Place the xref where you want

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Grant, thanks for replying to this thread. Yes, you are right- the question should be how to insert a dwg as an xref. But how should I include a dwg in the xref manager dialog box?



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If you are talking about the dialog box that comes up when you type 'xref'


Once you have inserted the xref it Automatically goes into the list of 'File References'.

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Type xref into the drawing that you want the xref deplayed (this will bring up the dialog box)

Then click on the attach xref buttom and select the dwg file that you want to become an xref.

the insert it into the drawing via an overlay this will place the xref in to the drawing

you xref and the details about it will then appear in the xref dialog box

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6 minutes ago, JonnaMcSki said:

I have followed the steps in this thread. I can't get the xref to show. What should I do next please?

If the XREF doesn't appear, it may be because the other drawing doesn't align with yours. Use Zoom Extents to see if it wound up somewhere else. Then try again using the "specify on-screen" option for the insertion point. You may need to open the other drawing to see where the content is in relation to the origin. If the other drawing needs to be near your content, try to match up the coordinates.

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Zoom didn't come up with anything. "Specify on screen" doesn't do it either. In the Dialogue box it says unloaded next to the title of the drawing I think that might be the ticket but I don't know.

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Got it. Thank you! Zoom didn't come up with anything. "Specify on screen" didn't do it either. I went through and changed where it was saved now, I can find it when I zoom thanks again.

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