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Calculating pipe lengths/totals per system

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I did a search and found some LISPs in other threads that kind of address what I'm asking about, but I'm looking for something a little more in-depth.


I'm working with AutoCAD MEP 2008, and using the Pipe function to specify systems. Bossman has asked me to figure out how to utilize commands/functions/lisps to calculate the length of nominally-sized pipes and be able to output them so that we can create a table, or something to get a bill of materials created.


Something that would put out a file, or table, or some file that I could at least copy/paste from to put into a BOM scheduling to the effect of


Steam - Low Pressure - 2"dia - 25'

Domestic Hot Water - 1.5"dia - 32'

Domestic Hot Water - 2.5"dia - 37'

Domestic Hot Water - 3"dia - 24'

Domestic Water - 1.5"dia - 42'

Domestic Water - 2"dia - 35'

Domestic Water - 2.5"dia - 27'





Can MEP'08 do this on its own, or should I be looking into LISPs?

Again, I don't need something exactly like what I showed above, but something that gets that idea across.

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