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Cannot Load Family

Bill Tillman

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I am running Revit Arch 2011 and I tried to Load Family. I have a door which is a Sliding-3 panel door. I downloaded a file from www.yourbim.org and it was for a Sliding-3 panel glass door. I saved the file to my computer and then clicked on the Add Door and then Load Family and selected the file I downloaded. But it does not show up in the Properties Menu where I can select the type of door I want to install. When I Loaded the file there was a window which breifly appeared and said it would take a while to install this file but then it disappeared quickly.

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I've only started playing around with Revit recently so other than suggesting the obvious I may not be much help. Did you try deleting the file and downloading it again? Maybe it got corrupted someway. If it happens again, try a different file from the same site (or a similar file from different site), see if they all do that. RevitCity.com as a lot of stuff. Might try a file from there and see what happens. If they all do it, then you may be doing something incorrectly or have some other problem. Could be just that one file is fubar on the site.

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Open the .rfa family file. Before doing anything, go to Family Catagory (or FC on your keyboard). Verify it has the Door category checked.


Leaving the door family open, also open your project. Ctrl+tab to your door family. Click "Load into Project" in the upper right corner. Overwrite.


Now in your project, select door to insert a door. Go through the properties dialog, is it there now? If not, ESC and insert a component family. Look through the Properties dialog this time, is it there now?


Hopefully it's just that it's not set as a Door category.


Perhaps I'll d/l the file (if free) and look at it.


Edit - The site says everything is free without requiring signup, but no search results and cant find the sign-up anyways. *puzzled* - Wait, found em...site could use a little work, hard to navigate, but that's not your problem...


Edit - It's a "Curtain Wall Door". I hate those things. But, seeing as it was created in RAC and I don't have it (yet, only RMEP for the time being) I can't modify it as needed to put it into a regular stud-type wall.

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re-downloading the original file doesn't change the fact that it is a curtainwall door. Unless the OP is putting in a curtain wall, it will not show up in his selection box when inserting a door. He would have to create a curtain wall, select a panel and change it to the door family.

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