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Drawing Compound Miters (2x4 Framing)


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Just downloaded 2012 educational version - Hate to admit it but out of all the stupid things I have not found yet is the darn Zoom/zoom previous button! From what I see though, this looks like a great version. Enough for me to get on with my training again!


Question -


Basically framing in a small cubicle in 2x4's - 6'x6'x6' - Here's what I am grieviously trying to do... (In the drawing, anyway.) The base is to remain 6'x6' - tapering in at a 15 degree angle toward the top of the box or cubicle. The base perimeter 2x4's will need to be "cross cut" in a compound miter as they will be on their edge to form the base box. As well, I need to "rip" the edges of the base 2x4's to a 15 degree as well. Then my "studs" will be cut at the same degree.


I tried this with the 2002 version, but seemed to be going to L.A. Via Omaha. Must be a better way with 2012!


Now though this question makes sense to me... If I can clarify in any way, Do ask. And, Thank you!

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Sweep and Slice with surface.


You are the Grand Master talking to the White Belt. Please sir, talk down to me!

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I'm assuming your dimensional lumber has been created as a solid.


One can slice a solid by drawing a line, extruding it (to create a surface), then invoking the SLICE command and using the Surface option. See example of this technique in the following thread: http://www.cadtutor.net/forum/showthread.php?58801-Getting-Mitered-Angles-on-ends-of-Solid-and-Hollow-Cylindrical-Tubes&highlight=slice+surface

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:oops: It would seem that I need to spend some time utilizing the tutorials this site offers. Any tutorial suggestions would be appreciated. Just a cursory look it would seem some have been removed. Again, thanks.
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There's a "button" for zoom? :P


J/K, It's on the View > Navigate ribbon panel, but with the mouse wheel, double-click mouse wheel, and Z > P at the command line, AutoCAD could have completely removed those buttons 10 years ago and I'd have never noticed.

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