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Icons for 2011/2012


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I have been looking at how to extra icons for AutoCAD ribbon tabs and panels I have created for our office. I downloaded a few sets of icons from the web but they didn't work our very well.


I then hit on the idea of using Sketchup to create icons. I created a model of the item I wanted to show like this.

icon grab.jpg


And then used Paint.Net to resize and save it as bmp.


This what I have for icons in CAD then.






Just thought I'd share it.

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Just wow that would make autocad a lot more user friendly that Autocad Icon editor is so restrictive and i just end up with letters

Awesome. This should be moved to the "Tips and Tricks" section.

Yes i agree

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Very neat tip! :)


Haven't tried paint.net yet, I've always used Photoshop, or the built in icon editor... just made some custom, discipline splash images today for some folks in other groups (environmental, and transportation respectively):



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I have used Photoshop mainly too but gave Paint.net a try and really liked it for light stuff.

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That looks a very advanced icon.


Paint.net is a good program, much easier than Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro.


Personally the icons we use I have drawn using the built in AutoCad icon editor, which is like Paint. If people aren't happy with the crappy quality, then too bad. The icons don't make us money.

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These days I use Gimp (free full, and portable app), and IcoFx (free portable app) to produce all of my custom application, button icons and images for CUIx, etc.. My 'base' images are at 1000x1000 given that CUI automagically re-sizes icons for us in newer versions, but am beginning to do in 5000x5000 and simply re-size down as needed. :thumbsup:



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