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Lofting/3D Extruding with Guides Problem


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Here I have two views of my structure that I'm trying to LOFT/Extrude,

but with the guides I've drawn.



To LOFT the circles together (or extrude them) with the polyline as a guide,

and I assume the effect of the guide would be on all sides (ie 360 degrees around the circle would exhibit the same guide effect)



For some reason I can LOFT, but I can't use the POLYLINE as a guide, like it says "it's invalid":glare:


I'm trying to make the shape of a cartoon POO (crap)...


Thanks a lot guys for your time!



I appreaciate your answer, but with Revolve I will get a uniform surface, which will still work in my case,


but if I wanted to create a surface that also changes in the radial direction (the revolve direction), "revolve"

wouldn't work.



Thank you, but even if I choose "Path" it still wouldn't work



Thank you I will definitely review the limitations to see if I can work my way around.


Hoping to see some more comments if anyone has an idea!


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