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Selections Don't Highlight


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This is probably another one of those "quirks." I report it in the hope that, late in the 22nd century or so, someone will get around to fixing it.


When I use Quick Select to find the objects on a particular layer, they are normally highlighted, and I can see the grips. Every so often that doesn't happen. I can still see the properties of the selection set, so the command has worked. If I select one of those objects, the rest are magically highlighted. Sometimes I select objects by layer simply to find out how many are there and where they are, so this particular quirk is frustrating.


What makes it happen? If I knew, it would be a bug, not a quirk. At a guess, it happens after I've done several Quick Selects in a row.

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Maybe it gets tired' date=' and thinks "man, I wish this guy would make up his mind":lol:[/quote']


or the highlighter used by the little guy inside the box runs out of ink, and he has to go get another one ...

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