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ACAD 2011 /DWG to PDF.pc3/ Can't get 2D Arcs to Plot as Hidden


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After 2 days of trying to crack this I can use some help please! I've just upgraded to 2011 (which may or may not be the culprit) I use a CTB to Plot my 2D Plan-sets and I'm having problems getting several arcs in the drawing to plotas hidden lines. Lines and P-Lines on the same layer print just fine, it's only the arcs that I can't get to stop plotting as solid lines. I'll detail my settings and include screen shots below, any help at all will be greatly appreciated, Thanks for looking!



Visual Style- 2D Wireframe

Shade Pplot- "as displayed"

PSLT Scale- 1

Celt Scale- 1

MSLT Scale-1

LT Scale .5, .25, .1 even 1.0 none make a difference

Tile Mode- 0


Screen in Model Space

Model Space.PNG


Screen in Viewport- I'm referring to the RED Hidden Lines

VP Window.jpg


PDF Preview of File- Hidden Lines are Great!

PDF Preview.PNG


Final PDF- The Lines stayed as hidden perfectly, but the arcs reverted to solid

Final PDF Print.PNG


The exact same thing happens with a another set of of arcs elsewhere in the drawing.

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