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Found 11 results

  1. Hello Forum Friends, So I have a problem, new to me but hopefully someone has run into this and generated a solution. Our company plotted some PDFs using Publish, DWG to PDF and all the text came out fine but when our customer views the text in Bluebeam some of it is replaced by little white squares. It also prints out on their end with the little squares. Has anyone run into this and what is the fix?
  2. Hi, We're using AutoCAD LT 2013 and we simply want to plot some electrical drawings provided by one of our manufacturers in black and white only. When viewing the drawings on screen it shows all different colours used for different layers (I think), when we try plotting in black and white the yellows and blues come out grey. Same thing happens when we try to Publish as a PDF. Is there a way to change the entire drawing to black without individually selecting each line? Thanks in advance Brad
  3. Hi, I'm having a problem making .plt files, and its a new issue within the last couple weeks. Previously, I could make .plt files with no problem. Now, I run through all the old routine steps, but when it makes the actual file it comes up as 0 bytes. I can do this task anywhere between 1 and 59,000 times before it makes a useable .plt file, meaning it is working correctly at completely random times. I work on large scale civil development projects and .plt files are the easiest way for me to print our large sets of drawings instead of PDF or DWF (PDF files are large in size and for some reason DWF has a random problem capturing fonts). I am working in generic ACAD2012 or 2013, and use an Oce PW300 to print my .plt files. I can print to the Oce just fine, and can print older .plt files (using SPLOT Plotter simulator) just fine also. I can also print the new .plt files I create, it just takes a million tries before it actually creates a useable .plt file. Really, this is incredibly frustrating as I'm a solo designer working on many projects and don't have the time to "attempt" to make .plt files a million times before one takes. Has anyone else run into this issue? Is there a fix? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. I have a drawing I want to plot to 1/8" Scale. I'm drawing at 1:1 scale and When zooming in to draw my line weights look accurate, however when I zoom out to view my whole drawing lines are to thick/blotchy and shapes are distorted. I've played with plot styles, dimension styles and my line weights ... nothing seems to solve this. I believe it has something to do with the size of my drawing. I attached a drawing. If anyone can take a look at it and offer some advice I would appreciate it. Thanks forumhelp.dwg
  5. I am currently running Map 3D 2012 with CadWorx and I am having an issue with one of my multi tab drawings. Any object set to plot grey (any grey), that is in paper space, is plotting black only in one of my layouts. similar objects in model space and in both spaces on other layouts are all plotting accordingly. Anyone ever run into this before???
  6. :cry:I use to work for a firm that taught me AutoCAD, I have since left and invested in 2013 version. When we plotted our drawings the line weights (especially on Elevations) showed great dimension. I have played around to death and just cant get a good CTB file created...... Could anyone share or sale a file with me for reference. Thanks abunch.
  7. Hey guys, I'm having issues with plotting. I have my page setup as 17 x 22 (Landscape) and am designating the plot area to plot extents. I am trying to plot to 22 x 34 (size "D" portrait). The current paper loaded is 22" in a HP Designjet T770. When I do a plot preview, the drawing looks correct. However, when it plots it trims off the top part of the drawing. I'm trying to figure out what is causing this. The drawing is orientated correctly when it comes out of the plotter so I know it's not a portrait/landscape issue. I just tried plotting a 30 x 42 titleblock to the same size paper "D" portrait, and get the same problem. This happens if I use extents and window. Any ideas?
  8. Hi, As the title suggests i am having troubles plotting out of paper space. In my drawing i have an aerial photograph (inserted as a raster image) that has been scaled, rotated and shifted onto the relevant co-ordinate system. I have a locked viewport and when i zoom in or out the photo 'jumps' around in a random fashion, same when i hit plot preview it appears out of place. I was wondering what could be causing this because i thought that paper space was simply 'viewing' whatever was in model space not being physically able to shift objects. Any help would be greatly appreciated Cheers Logan
  9. Hi, I'm having problems with lineweights. It shows up too dark whenever I plot to both pdf and the printer (Kyocera KM-2560 KX). Ive tried adjusting the ctb file (changing thicknesses of colours) but to no avail. This problem does not occur for my colleagues, with exactly the same ctb file. So is it a general autocad setting problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated, Daniel
  10. After 2 days of trying to crack this I can use some help please! I've just upgraded to 2011 (which may or may not be the culprit) I use a CTB to Plot my 2D Plan-sets and I'm having problems getting several arcs in the drawing to plotas hidden lines. Lines and P-Lines on the same layer print just fine, it's only the arcs that I can't get to stop plotting as solid lines. I'll detail my settings and include screen shots below, any help at all will be greatly appreciated, Thanks for looking! Settings Visual Style- 2D Wireframe Shade Pplot- "as displayed" PSLT Scale- 1 Celt Scale- 1 MSLT Scale-1 LT Scale .5, .25, .1 even 1.0 none make a difference Tile Mode- 0 Screen in Model Space Screen in Viewport- I'm referring to the RED Hidden Lines PDF Preview of File- Hidden Lines are Great! Final PDF- The Lines stayed as hidden perfectly, but the arcs reverted to solid The exact same thing happens with a another set of of arcs elsewhere in the drawing.
  11. I have my "plot area" set at extents. I have "plot offset" set at Center the plot. I have my "plot scale" set at 1:1. When I go to preview my drawing, it shows the drawing inside the printable area and everything shows up in the preview. When I plot the drawing, the drawing is not centered and some of the titleblock is missing. How can I fix this?
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