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Another dwg to pdf issue


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I am using AutoCAD 2004 and Adobe 9 Standard. Whenever I convert my dwgs into pdf files, some of my arrow heads extend beyond their reference lines. Looks fine in the dwg, but not in the pdf file.


I'm also having problems with Adobe recognizing some of my shx fonts. Again, it will elongate the "points" of the text - like the tips of the "M"s and "N"s. I found that DWG Trueview will plot my text ok, but it also elongates my arrow heads.


Any ideas on how to fix this?? Thanks in advance!

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I've had something similar happen before and seen it on other people's drawings as well especially when the lines print thick/heavy and the lines meet at an acute angle that's less than 90 degrees. The text I've seen that happen on are the fonts that are basically made up of lines and so they take on the layer's color settings and therefore print heavier or lighter based on the pen settings for their color.

I'm not sure I have the solution for you, but one possibility might be to check your pen settings - certain colors might be set to "miter" a certain way where they meet, so changing it to a rounded miter might help.

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