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Autocad Plant 3D design suite


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My company is getting autocad plant 3D design suite. This includes P&ID, Plant 3D, Navis works, and autocad.


I don't have it yet, but the techs installing it assure me it's all under one icon, and the other programs are within the same program. If this is true, how do you switch from say plant 3D to P&ID. I have not been able to see this. I have a feeling that even though it's all on the same install cd if it's not suppose to still be separate programs.


Any help with how to use this software would be great.



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This is false. However, there is probably some truth to this.


All the programs will have their own icon and are their own program. However, my assumption is since Autodesk claims that P&ID and Plant 3D are "built on top the AutoCAD platform", this means that AutoCAD is the core with different profiles. This means while you're in AutoCAD you can switch between AutoCAD, P&ID, and Plant 3D all within the AutoCAD program. But Autodesk will still install separate icons for each of these applications.

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AutoCAD P&ID is built into Plant 3D. Navisworks should have it's own icon.


If you want to work on a P&ID you switch to the appropriate P&ID workspace which changes your ribbon bar, tool palettes, etc. To work on a 3D drawing you just switch workspaces back to 3D Piping.

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