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Family Annotation Symbol Shift & Rotation


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Hopefully I can describe this clearly, here goes..


I have a face-based family that references an annotation family. I have already been able to shift create the annotation shift function, that allows the symbol to move independent of the 3D object (moving the annotation along a wall while leaving the 3D object in place). But now I need to add the ability to rotate that annotation as well (again, independent of the 3D object). This will be used for a camera device to simulate view direction of that camera.


I have been able to figure out what is needed to rotate the annotation, but when I try to apply both the shift and rotate functions it over constrains the file.


Currently, I have a ref. line that creates the shift function and another that creates the rotate function (both work independently from one another). But, since one of those lines is not always parallel to the other, I cannot lock one line to the other. What I seem to need is the ability to lock an end-point of a ref line / level to the end-point of another. This should allow the shift function as well as the rotate function I need.


Does anyone know of a way to do this that I may be missing?



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I see many people have at least read this thread but none have replied. Maybe I can re-word this more clearly, just in case that is the reason for no responses.


Basically I need to be able to move an annotation as well as rotate the annotation. The part I seem to have difficulty with is that once I have my annotation aligned with the reference line that creates the annotation "move" or "offset" function I cannot align the annotation to a rotating reference line also. I assume that this is due to the fact that the entire line is no longer "aligned".


I am hoping that someone else out there has maybe tried this. Anyone?

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I wasn't able to make it work either. So my work around is make 5 different types of camera each with a new annotation symbol at a set angle. I have 5 versions of the camera annotation at 0,45,90,135,180 degrees. My 3D model is a dome, so it doesn't matter what angle it's at.

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I am currently trying to resolve the rotation problem myself, I would be greatful if you could let me know how you achieved this?

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