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Can Not Open Existing .IAM Or .IPT, Can Not Create New .IPT

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vertical horizons

I can see that my .IAMs & .IPTs are in the vault. I can check them out of the vault. The vault verifies that these are checked out to me. However, I can not open anything now.


I do not know what has happened.


I have checked to ensure that all of my settings are correct.

I am working in the correct .IPJ.


If I attempt to open a drawing, it appears that the drawing is going to open, then I see the basic Inventor page with the toolbars on the top, browser on the left with nothing in it, and nothing in the middle of my screen.


I cannot even create a new .IPT.


Any ideas as where to look next?

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vertical horizons

I believe all of my settings are still intact, and that nothing got corrupted, but I want to make sure.


I know that the exact answer to this question depends on each person's computer setup, but if all of the master files were located on a dedicated server (V drive), and you check out the drawings to your local machine (C drive), looking at the project settings dialog box, what would be the paths for the Design Data and the Template?

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