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Free download of autocad architectural 2009 software


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I am newbee in this field.I want to learn Auto Cad Architectural for designining 3D building structure.

Which software i should download which is available free on autodesk.

I am using 4GB ram windows vista with 350gb space.


Pl let me know if more info is required about my laptop.


Which forum should i start to read and follow for practice.

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Usually you can download a trial copy of any Autodesk product and try it out for 30 days. After that you'll need to shell out some serious cash to purchase the license. Your best bet is to take a college level class (if you can) and learn about the software before you pay a lot of money to find out whether or not you like it.

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Students qualify for free software from AutoDesk via the Educational Community. Are you a student?


Forums exist for all types of questions. Take a look at what forums are available. If for some reason you post in the wrong area chances are a moderator will move your thread to a more suitable location. Please be specific with your thread title and provide as much detail as you can in the body of your thread. The more information you provide the better our chances are of helping you.


AutoDesk does post a recommended minimum set of hardware specifications for each of its products at their website.


By the way, there is no way to legally download past releases of AutoCAD. AutoDesk also frowns on people/companies even selling their older versions and may elect to refuse to issue an authorization code. Something to keep in mind.


One last thing. For those who are not students and don't have the mega-bucks required to purchase AutoDesk software there are AutoCAD-clones like progeCAD, Bricscad and others at substantially lower prices. Most of these programs will read and write to the DWG file type.

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I am newbee in this field.


As a newbee I think I would want to learn one of the next-generation programs like Revit Architecture.



In any case a 2009 version of anything would be obsolete technology.

Figure 6 months of intensive effort to sort of get going and another 3 yrs or so to become a pro.

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