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Found 54 results

  1. I found valuable lisp for auto creation block. I want to improve this lisp to following requirement * block selected object individually, not in one block thanks AUTO-BLOCK.LSP
  2. nagendra vr

    Macros in solidworks (Please Help)

    hello EveryoneI wanted to save my sheet metal parts as flat pattern into Dxf file. So I created a macro for this.I have more than 50 files and wanted to run this macro on every file.I tried using Run custom task under task scheduler but its asking for exe file as program Path.Please help me with this problem and suggest an easier way to do the same job.Thanks
  3. Hi there, I was hoping someone cold help me I am just going through changing the scale of my drawings and for some reason the objects in my model space are now coming up huge in the paper space!? The model space is set to 1:1 I have also gone through and changed all the paper space views with viewports to 1:1 I am really not sure what is wrong I have attached some pictures to make it a little clearer. Any help would be really appreciated
  4. Hi: Here I can read ... Forum: Blocks, Images, Models & Materials. So, may I put here the link to a new page CAD blocks. Currently it is 99% free?
  5. Hi There is a situation what I need is a lisp routine or vba script to find the elevations between lines or polylines at the intersection points of them to better reflect my query I post an image. I thank you in advance for the help provided. Elevation-Case.bmp
  6. Hi guys & gals, I came across a very repetitive problem. While working with a certain type of software data is output to *.dxf as set of 3D polylines and text. From the level of software I work with, I cannot configure any text formatting details. Hence an idea to ask You few questions. 1. Is there any way of rotating text based on azimuth of a 3Dpolyline which lies within 0.3m distance from the text base? Did someone ever came across LISP of this type ? 2. is there any other (more effective) way than OVERKILL to get a rid of duplicated text ? Thank you in advance ! Regards, Adam, Geophysicist.
  7. Remigio Cassalino


    Hello everybody, I would like to inform you that in July 2019 a new concept CAD called DMoving was born. DMoving contains over 200,000 ready-made designs inside, while a burgeoning community of designers will continually enter new elements into the system. The designs will grow in number, complexity and quality with each new release of the application. An internal search engine allows to identify in a few seconds the "dynamic drawing" that comes closest to the need of the moment. Each "dynamic drawing" "moves" as if it were an integral part of a "cartoon made up of technical drawings". Special graphic elements, called sliders, allow the design to be adapted to the needs of the moment. Attention, the sliders are not simple grips, they are associated with pre-established rules, imposed by the designer who entered the drawings in the system. For example, if the slider acts on the width of a brick arch, the system will enter the number of bricks necessary to cover the width of the arch in the drawing, at the following link it is possible to see an example. https://dmoving.eu/libraries/ DMoving has a very low cost, which is why it is normally used alongside CAD or BIM already in use. We are firmly convinced that a conspicuous basis of ready-made and quickly reachable "dynamic drawings" makes the drawing process faster and helps in the design choices. Whoever uses advanced design processes such as BIM, will be able to divide the life of the project into two phases: 1 DMoving + CAD 2 BIM The DMoving + CAD phase avoids starting from the "white sheet", produces drawings in a very short time and has the purpose of making very quickly the preliminary project presentation. Once the project has started, it will be possible to switch to BIM for all the in-depth analysis of the case. We are currently strongly committed to two fronts, introduce DMoving and to expand the community of designers who can put quality content into our system. If you have specific knowledge in a specific project area and have the desire to work with us, do not hesitate to contact us. In this case we could calculate a DMoving Professional license for free. I also kindly ask you, if you have the opportunity, to spread the message. Our site is www.dmoving.eu At the link below you can download a free first version of the program https://dmoving.eu/download-request-en/ For each question, such as how we interact with AutoCAD or other CAD, or how the application generally works, please contact us. I cordially greet you and thank you very much for your attention.
  8. tshanz

    multile view help

    can someone create a DWG file compatible with AutoCAD 2017 showing me a multiview of this image from view top view right side view. This is for college I need it before9 am tomorrow. I cannot for the life of me pull the dimensions from the drawing I do not even know where to start. I can draw in cad just fine use all the basic tools line poly line copy mirror fillet chamfer and array ect... I just cannot make three view of this drawing if you cannot even get the first you're right you cannot pull dimensions for the other views so I can't get the first view done I can't get any of them. Complete with hidden line centerline's object lines please and thank you very much what are you doing here bud for a part for my physical in my UA make sure you all know how to go to up your tubing or something like that Santa Cruz
  9. Hello, I'm looking for some help in the task of making my plans less boring. I'd like to use some non - uniform hatches to obtain something similar to the attached image. https://images.adsttc.com/media/images/595d/1743/b22e/38d8/8b00/0036/slideshow/SAN_-_siteplan_-_rooftop.jpg?1499273017 The building probably has a gradient hatch, while the lawn, and the concrete plaza, what hatch did they use for it? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi everyone! I've an apc 8x3.8 propeller CAD file and I've to modify the chord length while maintaining the pitch and diameter but I'm not sure how to go about doing it. The airfoil used is the NACA 4412. Any ideas? Melissa
  11. Hello, So the following is an example of a very nice homerun. You can bend it and it'll move the arrow accordingly, reducing time spent drafting during clean up. I'd like to make one similar to the one attached that will allow you to show the wires associated with the circuit. For those not electrically inclined, Long line = neutral Short line = hot/1phase Long line+dot = ground I think it would be nice if you could bend the homerun like the one attached but also be able to change it using a dynamic block type setup where you can chose different circuit types based on what it is powering. Is anyone savy enough with AutoCAD to do something like this? Dynamic Homerun.dwg
  12. endlasuresh

    Mini CNC Milling Machine

    I am looking to build a mini CNC mill and has been looking in CNC zone forums from long time. They have given some suggestions, but still want some machining feedback. There are so many files on the Grab cad that also didn't getting in mind. We have machinery parts or can be done from local engg shops so it is easier to get all the items except electronic parts. I just need a rough diagram to know the sizes, etc. I am looking to modify this machine to fit my needs. https://grabcad.com/library/cnc-milling-machine--3 Any suggestions to me, but it shows for wood. P.s I am looking to draw this machine in Solidworks that is the reason for posting. Shift, All the previous components were made that got help from you.
  13. Hi all, I have done data extraction of my CAD file to excel using AutoCad 2017 (full version), which includes global width, but did not include the handle or any other type of ID to distinguish the lines from one another. Is there any way to get the attributes of lines, specifically global width, in an attribute table that includes the handle to distinguish the lines? If this can be accomplished in other cad software that is free besides Autocad, I'm open to that as well Thanks!
  14. matthew405

    Auto CAD to 3DS Max

    Hi everyone. I am looking for some help / advice / tutorial links etc. I am trying to get a site layout (roads, footpaths, buildings, open space) from Auto CAD into 3DS Max. I am quite new to Max, i know how to import and scale my drawing, and i know how some of the modifier tools work, but that's about it! Does anyone know of any decent tutorials on how to turn a CAD site layout into a 3D model, using the original CAD line and without having to retrace the whole thing in Max? Many thanks Matt
  15. Hello everybody, currently I'm doing an internship at an online store. My task is now to find out which data and information we should provide to our different target groups (eg architects). Since architects and regional planners especially working with CAD, it would interest me, what we can provide on our product pages (for example: http://www.badewannen.de/Badewannen/Freistehende-Badewannen/Rund-Oval-Badewanne-Rhein-180-x-80-cm-1227-freistehend.html) to simplify working with CAD. Is the drawing of a picture enough, or should we offer more downloads? And if so which ones? Many thanks Lisa
  16. Hi, I need to start drawing 2d floor plans and house plans for extensions. These need to pass planning permission so I am assuming that walls need to be a certain thickness etc. I was wondering if there are any books out there or any guides which can show me step by step how to produce a plan which can be passed by planning? Thanks,
  17. ryan osmun

    pool design help

    i trace about 40 pools a day into autocad. i use a calcomp drawing board. im wondering is there a way to put the pdf image directly into CAD so that i can just trace it directly in CAD? this would save an enormous amount of time if any one knows any way i could make something like this possible. im using cad2012
  18. Hi. So as I was sitting in class today I noticed that If I froze my two layers a-door and a-sanr-fixt I realized my doors were disappearing on both layers. I realize this is because I created my blocks on the a-sanr-fixt layer. Now what I'm wondering is if there is anyway to remove the a-sanr-fixt from the door properties so that way when I freeze my a-sanr-fixt layer the doors wont freeze. This issue is happening across all layers. Any help would be greatly be appreciated. If anyone has fixed this before please link me to that.
  19. Hi there, I am doing a project on learning how people learn complicate CAD tools like autoCAD, and then think of ways to improve this process. If you have 20s, and want to help out, here is a link to the sign up/survey http://goo.gl/forms/pcV9r06vga thanks a lot in advance. :D:D
  20. Sid0201


    Hi, my company is currently looking into purchasing ShipConstructor, I am wondering whether anybody on here has any experience with it? if so what are the good and bad points of this software? are there many limitations and can it be used effectively with a 3d room scanner? Thanks, Connor
  21. Hi, i have a little problem with cad... How can i extend line to the surface? Is there any chance to do this? I tried to do this but everything is pointless... Thanks for help e: Ofc line intersects the plane
  22. I know I've seen many similar posts on this subject, but all the suggestions still haven't fixed my problem? I'm trying to import a Cad 3d drawing into Sketchup 8 Pro. The cad drawing is saved as 2007. Sketchup shows an import in progress and goes all the way 99% and then waits. I've waited and waited (over an hour), and I realize that it will never import. Any ideas why it doesn't complete? I've purged and deleted all blocks. It is a large file, but below the 15MB that Sketchup's help site recommends.
  23. Scenario 1: When a user grabs two or more licenses of the same software. Scenario 2: When a user opens multiple functional modules at the same time. Scenario 3: When a user occupies licenses and never recycle them. Scenario 4: When users get licenses from stand-alone hosts. Being a CAD manager at one of the largest auto manufacturers in the world, I wanted to share my experience with you regarding CAD license management. During the beginning stage right after I joined the firm, I started to look into the baseline and found out that it was just a chaos. I started to doubt whether there're sufficient number of licenses to use, however, it's 85/102, 85 licenses and 102 engineers in that facility, meaning 17 engineers wouldn't be able to get licenses while all other 85 engineers working on their jobs at the same time. Nonetheless, that's not the root cause for this chaos, because there's no such time when all engineers get to work on Catia. So, why? After days of search on the internet, I found and downloaded a software named "LMT LicManager" recommended by my friend from Magna( he said this software worked well for them). It's interesting that, the real issue identified was, according to the historical license usage information generated by LMT LicManager: a big number of engineers had taken licenses for so long time and just never take them back to license pool, even there's an user took license for 34 days, wow! I was shocked. I would say the software works perfectly, I just love it. It also helps me to view license usage in real time, it automatically recycles overtime licenses( I set overtime as 20 mins, if mouse an monitor are both remained unmovable within 20 mins, the software will automatically take license back), but most relevant feature is, it gives me a forecast for next year's license procurement, 63 was the number it calculated, which means the peak value(only 63 licenses used in previous year's busiest day). We could cut down 85-63=22 license costs. Useful! Now, there're a couple of other features of LMT LicManager that I am trying to discover in near feature. As a manager, I believe the advance of computing technology will benefit our daily managment whole a lot, at least, I will keep an eye on finding many more solid tools.
  24. Pablo Ferral

    Sketchup V.s CAD

    What's wrong with Sketchup anyway? I don't use Sketchup, but many of the designers at my company do. I get the impression that my colleagues think I am down on Sketchup because I am the CAD manager and I use a 'Proper' CAD package. People seem to love or hate Sketchup, but I'd like to hear some objective constructive criticism from you. What is Sketchup good for? What is it not good for? Have you managed to work Sketchup into your design to manufacture process? Great stuff, thanks in advance for your thoughts, Paul
  25. chriskaykinetic

    integrating Cadmep into a revit model?

    Hello all, i wonder if you can help/ The company i am currently working for is well up to speed for using 3d co-ordination (produced to a level it can be fabricated) using Autodesk cadmep fabrication 2013. To date we, we have gotten by buy using the steelwork contractors 3d steelwork model and 2d architectural backrounds which are then inserted into drawings where required. More and more we see clients are asking us to integrate our model from fabrication into the revit model generally received from the architect. Having come up against a brick wall using cad 2013 & revit 2013, our software manager had it sold to him that the new 'Autodesk design suite 2014' package was able to fully interact the fab model with the revit model, but so far, to no avail... i fear we are about to lose this order due to the fact this was promised to the client off the back of the words of an autodesk sales rep. Can anyone help? Any advice is appreciated greatly. Chris
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