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Upgrade from Student Version....Which one?


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I currrently have a student version of AutoCAD LT 2010. After graduation I spent a year working for a design firm, but I'm looking into starting to do some CAD consulting from home (with a baby on the way...), and know that I can't use my student version for commercial purposes. I'm wondering what the best option is for me....one of my professors recommended upgrading to a "Perpetual Version", which is a minimal fee to upgrade to from my current version, but when I've looked into it, it seems to still be a student version. I'm confused about what the best option is for me to upgrade to. I don't have a ton of money to spend, and likely won't be doing the quantities of work to justify paying for a subscription. Can anyone describe the Perpetual Version for me? Can I use it for commercial purposes? If not, what would be your suggestions for the best product for my situation? Thanks SO MUCH in advance!!!!

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Perpetual (commercial) license.

One release - ex 2002 and the license never runs out. Version is not updated year-to-year (that would be subscription).

Here is the price for LT http://store.autodesk.com/store/adskus/en_US/buy/productID.230757400


Although the license is perpetual - at some point Autodesk is likely to stop supporting.

So, lets say 5 yrs from now your computer dies and you try to activate the license on a new machine. Since the Activation Request Code (and therefore the Activation Code) is tied to a particular machine, you may or may not be able to activate if needed.

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