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Arc (start-2nd-end point) absolute or relative coordinates


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I have a problem with absolute and relative coordinate regarding drawing an arc.


From my previous studies, I thought whenever I input coordinates in command line, in order to use absolute coordinates I just enter them. If I want to use relative coord, then I can prefix them with @ sign.


For an arc I input as follows: start point: 0,0 2nd point: 500,500 end point: 1000,0. I was expecting to get a half circle from origin to 1000,0 point but to my surprise I find out that CAD gets the input coordinates as relative.


Am I missing something? 1.jpg

Is this behavior same for all other object drawings?


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Dynamic Input turned ON = Black

Dynamic Input turned OFF = Red

Why? .... because the default (OOTB) setting for Dynamic input is "Relative Coordinates" so it automatically adds the @ symbol.


If you want to change the default settings, do it through DSETTINGS or use the # symbol to specify Absolute coordinates.


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Dear Nestly


Thanks a lot. Like as always your reply is perfect. I have to admit that I was unaware of this point.

AutoCad is such a great and detailed program that has commands for every single point.

This Forum is really a good place to learn and enhance knowledge about AutoCAD.


Just one minor point. You mentioned:


Dynamic Input turned ON = Black

Dynamic Input turned OFF = Red


I didn't get the point where are you referring to? In your posted image I couldn't find your quotes. But my problem is resolved.

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