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section creating problem


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I'm not sure on how to make this a default as I've never really looked too deep into it. I might mess around with it and see what I can find over the weekend if I have the time. ;)

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It worked for me too but when I just select annotation it doesnt change, but If I enter the numbers like 1/100,1/50 then it changes

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what is the problem if its schematic then nothing happens? what is special about it?


If you're in Plan View then it's probably an Annotative problem. The MvPart has 2D Annotative blocks for each "View", including Top, Bottom, Left, Right, Front and Back Views. This might be the first place I would look.


Also check your Display Manager to see if the current Display Configuration has MvParts set as Schematic. If so then this is definitely the problem.

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yes I put just a ball valve on to a pipe sorry for vane I just used the wrong word. Here is an example.

As seen in the picture pipe seems to goes inside in a valve cause it gets 100 time bigger then normal.


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Yes, it will, it's a limitation of the program. But a little bit should hurt your plan view drawings, should it? If so then I don't know how else to approach the issue, other than trying out Revit MEP instead. ;)

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do I need to change mvpart style in every drawing? Isnt there any solution for this and for the drawing that I'll draw in the future?

Yes, make the changes in your Template file. That way they are there every time you start a new drawing from this point forward.

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I'm taking a section from a garage fan but It seems like this on the top. when I change display style then the second one fan dissappears.


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