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I have a lot of maps that have drawing units in yards. I'd like to place points on these maps given their lat/long data. Without having the mapping toolbox is there any way to either convert the map units or convert the points? I'm not worried about spherical distortion as the maps are close in.

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As far as converting the coordinates, I use a free program called Corpscon6. It allows you to put in your ZONE and your DATUM information for both your INPUT and your OUTPUT. Also you can do individual conversions or a USER DEFINED FILE all at once. Works great for what I need.



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I have a lot of maps that have drawing units in yards.


How old are these maps? It is just that if the drawing units are yards, they may have been produced by plane-tabling or other techniques that are not generally used nowadays. So the accuracy might not be pin-point.


I would see if I could find the places on Google Earth, and take the lat/long from there.

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