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  1. hi I open lots of drawing that comes from different authors and their units setting varied, every time I need to open units dialog box and set it to the way I prefer. I want to write it in an SCR or DIESEL script and load it automatically with each drawing. what is the best method to write it and to load it with each drawing that I open? THanks
  2. I received a drawing from a surveyor in Engineering units. It dimensions correctly, however, I want to use decimal units. When I measure or draw anything 1 unit = 1 inch even though the drawing units are set to feet. Any ideas?
  3. When activating alternative units in autocad 2014 a blank space is automatically inserted before the alternative units. As a result, the units do not line up vertically. Does anyone know how to eliminate the space that is inserted before the alternative units? Thanks!
  4. Hi all! I'm working on drawing a railroad spur in AutoCAD 2011. I had an archaeologist get the measurements for me and unfortunately, she measured in units of 10 (i.e. 1 foot = 10 units so each "unit" = 1 1/4" I'm wondering if there's a way in CAD to automatically convert these units. If I could enter 1 and have it come out automatically as 1 1/4" so that I don't have to convert every single measurement. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks! Emily
  5. Hello, I know this is a user error on my part, Bu I cannot figure this out for the life of me. My company have a set of blocks in a .dwg file on its own - let's say they are circles with radii that vary by 10'. In another drawing I want to divide a polyline using a one of these circle blocks at a specified number of segments. My process is to copy that block from its original file into my new file with the polyline - now I am able to list the block when I go through the divide command. MY ISSUE is when I complete the command, my block, as it is distributed along the polyline, is 1/12th the scale of the actual block I copied into my drawing. (it's something with the 12 inches are in a foot deal). It's like the divide command scaled it down...I can't explain why though. Both of my block units (the original file block and the one produced by the divide command in my new drawing) are set to inches and both drawing files are set to arch. - inches. The weird thing is that when I copy the block over into my new drawing it is at the correct scale. It is just this block - when brought in through the divide command - is scaled by 1/12. Thanks in advance,
  6. When entering distances, I would type in for instance, 2'6 and CAD interprets that as being 2 feet and 6 inches by default. My question is, is there a way to set it so I can so I can enter 2-6 and get 2 feet 6 inches instead of using the ' tick mark sign? it's a lot easier and faster to do it with the dash since I am drawing a ton of drawings and the dash is included on the right number pad on the keyboard?
  7. I am working on a site plan and most of the dimensions are large, so I want to be able to type in "30" and it makes a line that is 30 FEET long rather than 30 INCHES long as it currently is. If I want itin feet, I have to put the tick mark in which is time consuming and annoying when I could just have it be feet not inches. I tried going into 'units' and changing them to feet but that didn't work. - see attached Thank you
  8. Hi all, My drawing units is set to mm (pic 1) in Autocad 2014. When I just use no tool and just the cursor and click it comes up in mm (pic 2). Anything else however comes up in metres (pic 3)! For example, if I draw a line and type 16000 for a 16m line, it goes off the page and I can't even zoom out to find the end. When I try and hatch an area and put it at the lowest scale of 0.1, it still comes up too big (pic 4) Any bigger than 0.1 then it appears as a solid mass. Is this because it is in metres? Basically I want it to be in mm and can't find a straight forward way of doing it. If anyone can help, that would be great.
  9. So I just started using autocad today and I unknowingly created a drawing in inches when i thought I was drawing cm. I know how convert the dimensions from inches to cm so 1 inch will be 2.54 cm, but is there a way that I can convert 1in to 1cm? So not a conversion more like just switching the units.
  10. kaywond

    unit conversions

    Hi, For an autocad assignment, we have been given a drawing in engineering notation (feet and inches) and have to draw it with SI units dimensions. Doing the drawing was fine, BUT, I drew it in inches and thought that I could change it to millimetres. I have used the units command initially to set up engineering. Then after drawing returned to units to change to decimal. Dimensions turned out in inches regardless. I also tried the scale command to alter the scale, then dimension , still no luck. I went into the annotation menu got to modify primary units and alternate units and still no luck. Could someone please help. Not even my tutorial teacher knows how to do this.
  11. i am deriving plates from a solid model (which is set to millimeters). on the sketch, i project geometry and finish the sketch (as we normally do). then when i extrude, i always get INCHES as the unit of extrusion. of course, its easy to just type in mm, but i am wondering why this sort of things happens and what the solution will. please help!
  12. I recently started a new job and am familiarizing myself with the existing drawings here. I am working on version 08 (was previously on 07). I opened a dwg in 08 and received an error message "Newer AEC Object Detected" stating that some commands would not be available. With no other option I opened the drawing and discovered it was in metric. I went up to the Format tab as I normally would to change the Units to Architectual and discovered that there was no option to change the units. Even typing in Units in the command bar didnt do anything. It seems as if this drawing was originally created in 07 and now OPENS in 08 but you lose commands??? It used to be that you couldnt even open something it was created in a older version, no? Luckily a PC in the office does have 07 and I was able to open it there to change the units over but I cant do this every time....any ideas how I can resolve this issue?
  13. Always been a problem for me. If you want the Import box to say mm instead of Inches in Solidworks. This is really strange: In Autocad type 'DDIM' (for the 'Dimension Style Manager') in the command line - click your current dimension style in the 'Styles' list so it is highlighted. Click the 'Modify' button. Click the 'Alternate Units' Tab. Now: Click the tick box for 'Display alternate units' to turn it on under 'Multiplier for Alt Units' make it: 25.4 for Inches 1.0 for Centimeters 0.1 for Millimeters Now Click the tick box for 'Display alternate units' to turn it off Now click OK button. Seems a strange place to take the variable from as it has no relievence to units as I had my units set to mm from the start. If you are having this problem - give it a go! Easier than writing a macro in solidworks as I have done that as well!
  14. I am new and need a good resource. I've figured some things out, but am struggling with what appears to be a very valuable tool... the area tool. I found many references to the boundary tool, but that looks more complicated. I have figured out how to mark the corner and press enter, but the output is for example 1.7 sq ft vs. what should be approx 35K sq ft. I tried to change the units, but that didn't seem to make a difference. Please help. Thank you.
  15. Im having trouble inputting imperial units for my line lengths. It works fine when i type 4-3/4 it gives me a line that is 4 and 3/4 of an inch long. Can i only input values in inches or is it possible to input something say 4' 4-3/4 ?? Thanks
  16. Hello By a mistake i have drawn my drawing in millimeters. Thus when i print it in 1:1 it is to small . And when i click on my block and go to properties, I can't change the block unit it is grey market. is it possible to change that in centimeters ? Greets
  17. When starting a NEW drawing by selecting NEW in the RED A Icon (upper left hand corner) you will be taken to your Select Template dialog box. Should you wish to, you can start a drawing without a template, in your choice of Imperial or Metric units by selecting the little dropdown menu next to the OPEN button.
  18. Let’s say I received a messy drawing with strange values beginning from the 3rd decimal place. Is there a way to clean up the drawing ex post? I do not want to change only the units, but to alter effectively the values in the drawing. I’ll give an example: A Line starts at point A with x,y coordinates (10.30192,4.00234) and ends at point B (20.50134,14.80193). I want this line to be drawn from A (10.30000,4.00000) to B (20.5000,14.80000). Is this possible? Thanks in advance!
  19. I'm having an issue with dimensions changing from when I save the drawing to when I reopen it. I'm using AutoCAD Mechanical 2009, exclusively in 2D. I save drawings in AutoCAD 2000/LT 2000 Drawing format to maintain backwards compatibility with our legacy documents which are still in regular use. The exact process is: 1. Create dimension in existing drawing. 2. Set units of dimension. Typically this is fractional. 3. Save and close drawing. 4. Reopen drawing, and all of the dimensions units are set to decimal to the fourth decimal point. If I interact with the dimension in any way, it will return to its set unit. For example, if I double click on it to bring up the Power Dimensioning window and just click Okay without altering anything, it will change back to its set unit. Likewise, if I move the dimension itself it will return to its set unit as well. So far my solution has been to simply select the entire drawing at once, then move it X units one way, then X units back. The move back and forth will return all the dimensions to their set units. Obviously this is not ideal, especially when sending drawings to co-workers who are unaware of the issue or even using different versions of AutoCAD. Thanks for any help.
  20. ryank7

    Dimension Units

    I'm having trouble displaying the units for dimensions. The issue is with the suffix. When I add the " suffix to indicate inches autocad also adds the suffix to the angular dimension. 2 questions... Is there a way to suppress the suffix for angular dimensions? Do I need to have a dimension style just for angular dimension? I do not want to dimension in architectural because I don't want the dimensions to change to feet and inches.
  21. I have a lot of maps that have drawing units in yards. I'd like to place points on these maps given their lat/long data. Without having the mapping toolbox is there any way to either convert the map units or convert the points? I'm not worried about spherical distortion as the maps are close in.
  22. I am drawing a plan view of building that is 11 feet by 36 feet. I thought my map units were in feet but when I draw in the linear dimensions, it reads 11 inches x 3 feet. How do I change this?
  23. Hello! My dad has given me floor plans in blueprint paper and he wants me to draw / copy them in AutoCAD. I've have learnt here that you should always draw 1:1 in model space and adjust the scale later on in paper space. My problem is that the floor plans are printed in a scale of 1:75 meters. - so how should I draw / copy them (use a ruler? ) - and what units will I use to draw the lines?
  24. Hello everyone.. all i know when you create new sheet it all converted to 1:1. i have problem when it comes to fixed or blocked unit scale on model space. when you open it at model space it already turn into a fixed scale like 1:60 or 1:50 and they directly plotted on model space. im using lay-out space when it comes to plotting. 1. Now, i wanted to get some of the objects to the fixed scale at the model space and transfer it to another new sheet i made but when i paste it, it still the same. how can i adjust the unit. 2. Teach me please how to plot directly into model space which i can use different unit scale. Thanx alot. pls help. _Susuxion.
  25. I got a drawing from a client using decimal unit. Usually I'm more comfortable with architectural so I went Units->Architectural. After that, I also change the Dimension Primary Unit to Architectural, and Update Dimensions. Then the measurements seem to be all off (For example: a door width is 73', or 876 inches) Does the Unit of the drawing has anything to do with it? Or it's all about the scale that maybe different than 1:1? And if so, what is the fastest way to find out a scale of a drawing sent from someone else? I know it's a little bit of information, but anyone has experienced the same thing?
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