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3D text in Gothic G font

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I am having problems producing 3D text in "Gothic G" font. I can produce 3D text with the “Tahoma” font as is seen in the picture. However, when I go through the same procedure with the Gothic G font I get the following error message after trying to extrude the text in the “Model” window:


“Could not build this extrusion

Self- intersecting loop found in this profile. Remove the intersection by adding a sketch point at the curve intersections or by changing non-profile geometry to constructive geometry"


I have also noticed that other fonts upon trying to be extruded produce the same falure message.


What is the procedure to produce 3D text in Gothic G and the other fonts that produce the same error message?

gothic G.jpg


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I don't know how it works in 2012, but in 2010, after exploding the text you'll have to go in on each letter and do some clean up work. The fancy fonts are not nice neat little outlines. You'll see when you get in there. They got segments that loop back on themselves and all sorts of little nasty surprises. Lots and lots of "trim" and "erase" in your future. Once you get all that done though, you can save the outlines for future use. Stock up on your favorite adult beverage, turn on your favorite music and enjoy.

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After exploding the text, change layers, draw a rectangle to enclose the text, use bpoly on the outside of the text, then inside any areas inside the text like inside a B letter. Lock the first layer, move the new layer, continue from there. Use PushPull command, or at least try it out.

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