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Tyre Tread Tutorial


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Following a PM I received last night regarding the following image on this thread http://www.cadtutor.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7827, I have put together this tutorial to explain how I got the tread on the tyre. I will try do this as simple as possible because its quite lengthy, please feel free to comment if you know a better way to do this as I am always open to criticism.


Anyway this is what I posted





This is the PM I received


Subject: tire tread

Nice rim. I was wondering how you did the tire tread?




So here we go:



1. First of all create the tyre diameter and width



2. Array a line from the centre of your tyre; this will give you the angle in which you will need to rotate the tread (explained later).



3. Draw the lines across from one section to give you your linear spacing between treads.



4. Create the pattern of tread; I have done this as rectangles for simplicity. Allow a small amount for the gaps in the tread, I left 1mm top and bottom and 2mm gaps across.



5. Create the tread profile (major and minor); this will create a void later. Copy the geometry as you will need it later.



6. Draw a rectangle from the CL to well clear of the tread, Make the rectangle a region, and the Major/Minor profile.



7. subtract the Major/Minor Region from the Rectangle region and revolve the remainder 360deg about the CL, This gives you an internal void. Make the treads regions and extrude them also.



8. Make sure the treads are central to the CL then subtract the revolved void away from the extruded treads



9. Separate the treads as they group when subtracted together and then erase the excess leaving only treads.



10. Create a region using the copied Minor tread profile from op5 and revolve that about the CL



11. Position the treads over the minor tread profile



11. Array the treads about the CL the same amount of times as you did in op 2, to ensure the treads are equidistant.



11. Finally union all them together and Voila!


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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi! I followed your tutorial and I created my own wheel with rim, here it is:



And I know you noticed some problem!? Can you teach me how can I improve my wheel? Can you teach me how can I make the wheel's texture more visible? How can I make my rim shiny? What material should I used for both the wheel and the rim ( I used black plastic for the wheel and old metal for the rim ) ? How much light and what type of light should I used? I've seen the rim's tutorial and the material and settings you used but its based on 2006 and 2007 version of autocad! :)

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To get the look you are serching for it is truley a matter of trial and error, just play around with it, see how your changes effect the rendered output, mess around with lights etc.


there are no set rules to follow for rendering.

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Nice tutorial Fazbear.


Like fuccaro said. :)




And I'm moving it to the Tutorials forum.


oh and thank you for the GOLD STAR o:)

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  • 10 months later...

Here's My Effort, Spent about an hour in total modelling the tyre and alloy wheel, lighting took 2mins.

Based on the Falcon Tyre Tread, Alloy wheel isn’t the best, but wanted something to quickly compliment the tyre.



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The entire tyre is a 3D solid model, the only material used was the chrome material which was applied to the alloy wheel, which i'd like to go back and model properly to do the tyre justice.



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Once I’d found the tyre tread I wanted to model I drew over an xref’d jpeg of the tread. I modelled the tyre as a smooth cylinder to begin with, after finishing the tread I converted this into a model in it’s own right. Used array to copy the tread around the perimeter of the tyre and then subtracted these from the solid cylinder. From there I hollowed out the cylinder to make it look more like a tyre, then modelled the alloy wheel section separately.

All the modelling was done proportionately, I had no sizes so estimated everything by judging comparative scaling. Hope this helps. I detailed tutorial would obviously be more helpful, if enough people want one, I’d be more than happy to write it up, maybe taking the opportunity to produce a more polished model.

Glad you folks like it, hope this helps in someway towards you producing your own projects.



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The initial post has no imagery. (just the little logo where images used to be) maybe the user has taken them off photobucket or wherever he uploaded them from.


It doesn't matter for me now, I managed to do what i wanted, (this is just a rough one to test how to do it)

sample tread.JPG

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