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no annotations in PDF output


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I am trying to make a PDF file out of a Layout to accompany the DXF files to a client, but when I create the file, all the annotation is missing.

I have created such PDF's in the past and they worked fine, so Im scratching my head as to why it doesnt work now


I have attached the files so that this can be seen.

Can anyone tell me what Im doing wrong here.

garden qub lengths v1 (4000x3000x2500).pdf

garden qub lengths v1 (4000x3000x2500).dwg

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I just tried to convert the .dwg to a PDF using an online service and I got the same result.

Additionally, I checked out some of my older files that I have created and they convert to PDF just fine.

What I also did was just create a blank file, made a rectangle, annotated it and output a pdf and the annotations were there!

So there is some setting that is swithced off in this file. Autocad is such a huge beast of an app, and that setting is lost somewhere within.

Can anyone point me in the right direction of this ellusive setting?

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Your annotation and dimensions are all of the 'Defpoints' layer, move it to another layer and you'll be fine. Nothing on the Defpoints layer will ever print (AutoCad way of doing things).

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Thanks a lot. that did it.

Had to dig around a little to find out how to change the layer of these elements, but as usual when I found out how to do it, it was quite logical.

Thanks again.


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