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Difficulties with truetype fonts when plotting

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I am currently working with some true type fonts, and having the following results occur:


I have a Mtext object, Text style named Tahoma.

there are 5 lines to it. The formatting of the first line is bolded, not the remainder.

When I plot using DWG to PDF, all of the other Mtext objects and all lines of the original are bolded.

Print preview does not show this, everything looks fine on the drawing screen, it only appears on the PDF.


As a workaround, I have created a Tahoma - Bold Text Style for the original object, and formatted the secod thru last line as non-bold, and this seems to work. This has only begun to occur since switching to AutoCAD 2012.


I can work around, however it is quite annoying to have to do seeing as many legacy drawings will be re-used, and I would have to make this change to all of them (including the layouts used in those files)



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Dana W

Use a third party pdf plotting program. I use the free download Autodesk Trueview. Advantages are that it is used identically to AutoCAD for plotting, and it can convert drawings to be compatible with earlier releases if you need it. Also, the resulting trueview pdf output file is many times smaller in file size than what AutoCAD puts out. Aparently AutoCAD records virtually all of the overhead data from the dwg to the pdf, and TrueView does not.


AutoCAD seems to have a continuous problem plotting pdf files. I've been experiencing the same sort of issues since the pdf output facility was added to AutoCAD. Trueview cured them all for me.

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I've experienced the same results using TrueView. TrueView also comes in handy for those who don't

have AutoCAD for viewing *.dxf or *.dwg files. TrueView is a freebie too.

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