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Loading PDF plans onto Revit MEP

Plumber man

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Hello, i am extremely new to CAD and as a plumber i would only be using the REVIT

to measure between points to place slab penotrations. Where i need help is knowing how to upload my PDF drawings i receive off the builders into the REVIT programme so that i can do my measurements, can anyone shed some light, thanks in advance.

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Morning Plumber man,


Unfortunately you can't directly import PDf files into Revit.

You'll have to open up your PDF in adobe/pdf viewer and saveas an image and then inset the image, thats the only way around doing it.


Hope this helps

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Get them to send cad drawings, then you can measure with no problem, inserting any images will need setting up to make sure it is the correct scale ( it can be a pain to do if you do, if you have not got any measurements on the drawing to correctly re-scale with) as for "only needing to mark penetrations" its a isn't it a bit of a waste of money buying rivet just for that m8 ? a pen can do it alot cheaper lol

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I dont think its a waste of money when the penotration drawings can be prepared on a computer whilst my workers can continue working on other areas of the site,pen gets a bit messy sometimes and shop drawings of where the plumbers penotrations are have to be prepared and submitted to other trades before we start sometimes so there is no clashes. Thankyou for your advice i will ask for CAD drawings straight up.

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