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Sheet Set: Insert Sheet List Table Content Format/Template Issue


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I have a very specific question regarding sheet sets, specifically the sheet list table that I am hoping someone 'advanced' in sheet sets can answer for me.


What I am having an issue with is for my sheet set templates to 'remember' which extra fielded attributes I want to have included automatically when I insert a sheet list table to my project.


I have the table format already by default selected, but it never remembers the extra columns I want to add. Example, when I run the command, it shows the sheet number and drawing number fielded attributes in the table, but I also want the revision number and the drawing title inserted as well. I have already previously set the rev and title up as a fielded attribute, it just seem redundant to have to always re-add the rev and title manually when there should be a place somewhere in my sheet set template to 'save' this so when I run the insert sheet list command, it will already know that I want these '4' columns. For some reason it just remembers the first 2.


I checked the table format, stuff like that but I have no clue where to adjust the template to ensure that I get the rev and title also inserted automatically.


Anyone have any idea where this might be? Any help would be greatly appreciated.......

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The first screenshot shows what, by default is showing up when I run the 'insert sheet list table'. The second screenshot is what I want to have show up automatically. It seems redundant that I can not automatically save the sheet list format I want to use somewhere within my sheet list template and associated files. Hope this helps explain the question further. Thanks in advance.


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For reference, this is another instance of this issue, but without a clear answer. The thread states that you have to have the sheet list table pre-inserted but it doesn't work.


Also after searching for a few hours on this, on various forums, still nothing aside from it seems that it used to remember your columns, etc pre-2010 AutoCAD.... so yeah, add this to the 'strange' things that have been for some reason removed from AutoCAD since 2010..... :?


Still hoping for a solution, if anyone has any insight into this, it would be greatly appreciated.

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I see you're using the default "Standard" Table Style. Try creating a unique Table Style name and save it in your SSM Template DST file for future use. That should make the desired columns "stick".

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I actually have a custom one but I just put the 'standard' one in for the example screenshots as the one I have preset is tagged with the company name, etc. (didn't want to post it on here).


Just to clarify, the custom (company) table style in my dst doesn't make the columns stick, it did prior to 2010...... :roll:

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I probably could but honestly after spending more hours looking, and reading others posts, seems that it's another chunk of missing functionality that was somehow lost in 2010/2011. It worked perfectly in 2009 but who knows, looks like it's another thing to add to the pile of strange missing stuff since 2009.


I did check a bunch of stuff and there doesn't seem to be any place to save a sheet list template other then when it's setup in the template, it just will not save any custom fielded attributes to the table, only the default ones that come with AutoCAD will 'stick'. Odd....... will still continue to look into it and will post if I find anything.

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