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Found 12 results

  1. We have a client that put their drawings (titleblocks and linework etc) in model space rather than paper space (layouts). Is it possible to link model space titleblocks to sheet sets, instead of layouts? I'm using AutoCAD 2017
  2. I have a very specific question regarding sheet sets, specifically the sheet list table that I am hoping someone 'advanced' in sheet sets can answer for me. What I am having an issue with is for my sheet set templates to 'remember' which extra fielded attributes I want to have included automatically when I insert a sheet list table to my project. I have the table format already by default selected, but it never remembers the extra columns I want to add. Example, when I run the command, it shows the sheet number and drawing number fielded attributes in the table, but I also want the revision number and the drawing title inserted as well. I have already previously set the rev and title up as a fielded attribute, it just seem redundant to have to always re-add the rev and title manually when there should be a place somewhere in my sheet set template to 'save' this so when I run the insert sheet list command, it will already know that I want these '4' columns. For some reason it just remembers the first 2. I checked the table format, stuff like that but I have no clue where to adjust the template to ensure that I get the rev and title also inserted automatically. Anyone have any idea where this might be? Any help would be greatly appreciated.......
  3. Good day kind souls of cadtutor. i have been googling this problem for days but it seems that i am the only one experiencing this kind of misfortune with sheet sets. This actually is the reason that i registered here in cadtutor and get some help. The sheet set manager is an awesome tool (i just started using it a week ago). The problem is, whenever I place a view on my sheet, (by right clicking>place on sheet) and it says "Scale: 1:1 Right-click to change scale", i right click and all i get is: "Invalid point. Specify insertion point:" But here's the twist: Sometimes it does work (like 10% of the time) but most of the time it annoyingly doesn't. here are some photos: *i'm using Autocad 2014 32bit *using Autocad 2011 32bit in our office but still experience the very same case. as you can see i have already attaced the "site development plan" view here (after a few tries) this is how i place views on my sheets. i can also drag and drop, but i prefer right clicking it. (are there other ways? please share them too!) here, i've already clicked place on sheet and it's asking me to right click if i want to change the scale. of course i do and i need to, but this: like i said, sometimes it works. I do a few rituals (i just invented) before getting it to show this scales list like right clicking rapidly or holding rightclick repeatedly but not rapidly. and "SOMETIMES" it does work. but more often, it doesn't. maybe i can live by with luck like this, but i'm thinking that with this kind of professional, industrial grade software made by brilliant engineers, & bearing the brand autodesk, there must be a "civilized" way to get this scaling to work. there must be a way around. and one of you might know it. so please share! thank you very much for your time! may god bless you and have a nice day!
  4. Hey friends...first post here but I've been lurking and taking advice from you all for a while. I'm rebuilding the primary project template folder for my company. This folder contains a variety of drawings linked together using Xrefs and such. I'm setting up sheet sets to help in the plotting of these sheets. I'm working with 15 different drawings and setting up 130 sheet sets that will each plot 1 layout from each of these 15 drawings. All of the drawings have the same layout names (A1, B1, C1,...,Z5). So, for example, the A1 layout from all 15 drawings is 1 sheet set. When a new project is started, the template folder is copied and renamed. A known issue is that this new project still links all of the Xrefs back to the original template folder's DWGs. We use a script plus the 'Redir" command to update the Xref paths. Now I'm noticing that the Sheet sets I've setup are having the same behavior, and I can't seem to find a way to quickly fix the file path of 130 sheet sets with 15 sheets per set. Any advice? Also, is anyone aware of a faster way to setup the sheet sets I've described above other then individually adding layouts to their respective sheet set. I was hoping there would be a batch type method given that all the layouts have standard names.
  5. Hi All, Need some help! My problem is this; I have several production sets (Sheet Sheets) of drawings in which the referenced drawing's layers are not carrying over. To clarify; In my base file file I went through and froze out and changed the color of several layers. When I reference that drawing into my sheet sets all of the layers are turned back on and set to the original colors. I should also note that the offending referenced drawing is also an xref. It is a large architectural drawing with several dozen nested xrefs refernced into a base file in which I have inserted blocks and symbols. I've tried different VISRETAIN settings and other options. Nothing seems to work. I've also went through various forums and tutorials to try and solve the problem before I posted here. I'm at my wits end! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I've created a Sheet Set and added custom properties for things such as Drawn By, Checked By and such. Whenever I link my title block to these fields, the value shows up but when I change the value in the Sheet Set properties, the value is not automatically updated. I have to manually redirect it to the field. Why isn't it being updated automatically? Thanks!
  7. We have 2 machines running Windows 7 64bit, and AutoCAD 2012. We use sheet sets extensively. When inserting a "sheet list table", which we use as our drawing index, it takes anywhere from 5-20 minutes on our Win7 machines, but takes only 2-3 seconds on our WinXP machines. Has anyone else run into this issue? Have any ideas of how to fix it? I've been emailing back and forth with Autodesk support, but we don't seem to be getting any closer to a resolution. Any ideas would be appreciated!
  8. Greetings, I am trying to figure out how to program the following: 1. Invoke a command that will first ask the user to select the location of the source drawing. For example (setq TblockSourceFile (getfiled "Select Title Block Source Drawing" "p:/" "dwg" 4)) 2. Programmatically "harvest" the attributes and their values from a block named "TITLEBLOCK". 3. Ask the user to select the target drawing or ".dst" file in order to update the Custom Property Values in the sheet set. I hope that made sense. I'm not sure whether to have the target drawing open or if there is some way to update the ".dst" file directly. For example: Match value of Custom Sheet Set Property "Project Name" to value of "Project Name" attribute in "TITLEBLOCK". That is pretty much all of the functionality I'm looking for. I'm not sure if LISP can be used to manage Sheet Set Operations so I might need to use VB.NET (opinions?). I've asked this question on another forum and got told to look at the help file. I have thoroughly examined the help file but cannot seem to piece everything together. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Hello! I'm trying to find an intelligent way to reorganize the custom properties in my sheet set. Some are poorly named, others I suspect aren't even used. As far as I can tell, you can't rename a custom property; you have to create a new one, transfer the definitions throughout the sheet set one by one, and then delete the original. Isn't there a better way? P.S. I'm referring specifically to the sheet set custom properties, found by right-clicking the sheet set in SSM and going to properties. They're closely related to fields.
  10. I'm thinking about using sheet sets to manage projects better and so I can use fields in my title block. I want to use the sheet set manager to add sheets to my plans but every time I create a new sheet it creates a new .dwg file. Is possble to just create a new layout in the current drawing?
  11. Hey Guys I have an interesting one that has got me stumped. My team all uses sheet sets and we are constantly plotting using the page setup overrides. We are currently wasting a lot of paper because the landscape setting in overrides dwt's page setup keeps reverting back to portrait and we only get half a drawing. We do have logon scripts that reset the printers, but i am all out of ideas. Anyone?
  12. Does anyone know if it is possible to use LISP, or VBA, or any sort of macros to add, or change custom properties within sheet sets?
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