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camera does not save mview


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Hi All,


Can somebody enlighten what am I doin wrong.?


I created a 3d object in AutoCAD 2012. Set a camera at desired location.

Then switch to paper space, created an mview and set the camera view, then added some mtext and dimensions. Locked the display view, save my work and close AutoCAD. Now here's the exciting part. i re-launch AutoCAD and open the drawing. The drawing was messed up. It does not display the correct camera view that was previously saved. It sounds strange but I do it over and over and same thing happens.


Please help!



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Post the drawing so someone here can take a look at it.


Your profile says you are using AutoCAD 2006 LT. Your post above says you are using AutoCAD 2012. A correction might be in order?

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I attempted to reproduce your problem using AutoCAD 2012 and a drawing of a centrifugal pump done as a 3D solid. Unfortunately, for you (not for me though) after I saved the drawing then reopened it...the camera view in my layout's viewport was not disturbed one bit. Not sure what you are doing wrong. We'd have to see the drawing and maybe even a print out of the commands you used and how you used them copied from the AutoCAD Text window (F2).

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re-opened image.jpg

Thanks for the reminder, I updated my profile.

The image on the left (or top) is the correct image. and the image on the right (or bottom) is the image when I re-open the drawing. It looks like it displays the plan view of the camera.

This only happen in camera view. In other viewpoints like SE, NE, SW, NW Isometric viewpoints the image is undisturbed when you re-open the drawing.

This could be a setting problem. But don't know how to fix it.

A simple bug but this is giving me grief. Imagine I have to fix it eveytime I open the drawing and knowing that it won't be saved when I close it.


Let me know if you can't see the images properly as this is the first time I insert an image here.



correct image.jpg

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