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Civil 3D 2011 random paper/model space switching

John Flanagan

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Civil 3D 2011 random paper/model space switching


by RJohnS on 25/11/2011 at 11:44

As the title suggests, I have a random problem with switching spaces. For a while now, every time I open an existing drawing it opens in model space, even if it was saved in paper.

In the last week, whenever I save a drawing it switches to model space whilst doing so, or when moving between open drawings.

The other day it kept doing it whilst I was trying to select a viewport to lock (very annoying), it only stopped that one when I closed the last drawing I'd opened.

I've got a HP xw8600 quad Xeon thing with 8Gb RAM, 256Mb nVidia FX570. Running XP 64 with Civil 3D 2011.

I know it's unstable as I can trigger a fatal error by preforming certain actions, which leads me into the suspicion that it needs the system rebuilding by our Group IS, but am trying to avoid it for all the hassle it entails.

Any suggestions will be welcome.

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I am currently waiting on a new mouse to be delivered because my present one is causing stuff like that. It will randomly send a double click at its own volition, always at the wrong time. I cannot count the times that danged mouse has popped me into mspace while trying to click on the viewport border.


When the new one gets here, this one will become a target for something devastating, like an 18 oz. framing hammer with a serrated face, for instance.:lol:

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Sounds like something is resetting TILEMODE upon startup.

That's probably what's happening to the OP, of course.


As for me. UPS comes today. My old mouse is soon mouse de fois gras.

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i am now having the same problem! Saving the file switches the view to modelspace from paperspace! Even closing the drawing and saving changes, it switches back to model space!!! very annoying!

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