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Two Overlapping Windows Render Black


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When rendering the following scene, the area, where two transparent objects (windows) overlap, renders black.


This happens in both cases; the two windows stay parallel to each other, the two windows are orthogonal to each other.


The windows measure 2cm in thickness; the material applied is Autocad standard "Clear".


I remember having rendered the same scene before without any issues.


Two windows parallel:

2 windows b.jpg

Two windows orthogonal:

2 windows c.jpg


Did this happen to you? Do you know of a solution?


PS: The file is too large to post.

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Copy-pasting everything into a new drawing didn't help. The problem persists.

Now the view traverses the first two windows, but the black wall appears on the third window.


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Didn't work.
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I can replicate the same behavior in a clean new drawing too. So it might be simply a limitation to the software.



The first five rectangles are all transparent of the same type, Material Global, transparency 90%. The last rectangle is of material Global, transparency 0%.


Another example.


Does anybody know anything?

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More information.
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The problem appeared after Autocad had crashed during a render.


In the meantime I've tried repair and re-install function from the Windows control panel without success. I also re-installed totally from scratch. But the error persists.


Did anybody experience anything similar?

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I found my error. It was really simple in the end! The crash set ray tracing down to value 6. I didn't figure it out, since I never had touched those settings.

It drove me crazy; I am happy I puzzled it out and wanted to let you know, in case somebody encounters this problem.

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