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Crop image inserted through WMS - Autodesk MAP 3D 2012

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Hi there!!


I am using a WMS in Autodesk 3D Map 2012 to display an arial image in the Model area. As I zoom in, the arial image changes showing things in more detail.


Is there a way to crop the image inside a specific boundary? Keep in mind that the image is basically a WMS, not a raster image.




P.S. If i try to print the area of the WMS arial image that I am interested in (in order to avoid croping) the result is a grey area...

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No, you can not crop that image. When you connect with Data Connect (FDO) you are connecting to the whole image file live. There is no image edit or cropping tools for WSM connections. What you can do is save that map as an AutoCAD DWG file. This will create a pgn image file in your support path (temp folders) that you can then use the image crop tools on.

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