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How did they do it? A Mysterious Block Locked for Editing


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I was very intrigued by a customer/clients DWG. It had all these, 'equipment envelopes'. They were blocks that were locked from editing/exploding. There were many of them. I could REFEDIT and save/discard changes, but that changed all the blocks. I noticed that the block had two 'parts', in the REFEDIT it appeard to have two files, a block within a block. I finally realized wblock (save block as) would allow me to actually 'get into' the block. So, that problem is solved (thanks in part to this website and its tutorials/forums).


I'm still very curious, however. :)


How did they do that?

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As SLW implies, they may be anonymous blocks. You can also define a block so that it can't be exploded, which apparently makes it read-only too.

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Yes, the block (and all the others in the DWG alike and not) had a name. When I selected the containing layer... the 'main' blocks could be hidden (light bulb icon). What remained was a 'circumscribed' pinkish square or rectangle. A 'pink' block. All the main blocks had their own pink blocks. The pink blocks reminded me of viewports... for its respective main block. If only visually, and not functionally. In REFEDIT, I could move the 'main' block separate from the 'pink' block. When I saved the change, the 'pink' block didn't cut parts off of the 'main' block. So, they didn't act much like viewports except that they were all originally drawn as a sort of border. Very strange. The blocks might very well have been just a visual grouping. Again, in the REFEDIT dialog box, there was a sort of file tree and it showed a 'main' block and 'sub-block'. A sort of 'sublayer' block for the main block. Many of these 'pink-sub-layer-blocks' were called out as "Equipment Envelopes". I had to select them all manually and delete them to remove them from view in the model space.


How do you you make those sub-layered blocks? What is the benefit? I've never come across them before.


(The dwg was converted from an incompatible version to 2000 compatible, my version is ACAD2k) Could it be something to do with the conversion?

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