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HELP - Modelling a Pushchair in SolidWorks


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Hi CADTutor. I am new to this forum. I need some help on a project i'm currently trying to do and I have no idea where to begin. I am hoping some kind soul out there will show me the way..


I am fairly new to Solidworks but not a complete newbie. The main commands I know is the Extrude, Cut, Shell and other features. The bits I struggle on is the Sweeps, Reference gemometry, mates, and other stuff..


THe project i am working on is trying to make a pushchair/baby stroller in Solidworks.


I have images of what I want to model, have the main measurements i need, i just to make it in Solidworks, Assemble and then test using the Simulation software... But i have no clue where to begin :( Someone please help!


Images of the stroller push chair i want to model are at the end of the thread post.

A breakdown of what I want to do:


1) I want to make the frame of the stroller + the wheels. With this assembled, I will be able to do an initial Displacement Test and check my Factor of Safety.


2) I want to make the seat and the Sunhood of the stroller. This will be added to the main assembly.


3) I want to make my Stroller have the ability fold, and the seat to be reclined backwards as shown in two of the images.


Stroller's website: http://philandteds.com/products/push/smart


By the way, I don't want to make the model using surfaces etc. THe main tool i need to make the frame and stuff is the Sweep.


I am using Solidworks 2011 version.


Thanks for reading, I appreciate any help that can be offered,




Images of the Pushchair I want model:








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