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Unique part naming from library


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I'm having some problems giving certain parts in my assembly a unique file name. Im reorganizing all of my projects in a


- content center

- designs

- libraries


way, where my projects are under designs and commonly used parts under libraries.


Now i have something like a pump. I can derrive this assembly into a solid and put it in the content center, or keep the assembly and put it in te libaries folder. since this is a part i use in multiple projects.


Now my problem is that this pump has a different name in every project, and a library part doesn't allow me to change this name. Say standard name is "centrifugal pump" while the project name in project 1 would be P101, while in project 2 it has to be named P501 and so on in order to match with the flowcharts.


Is my only option here creating a solid out of these components and putting it all in my content center ( leaving my libraries folder totally empty ), adding it as a custom part afterwards ( so i can rename it ). I rather have it in my library folder, since this will keep my design folder organized without hundreds of duplicates of this pump, using different names. Besides i rather have it as an assembly so i can assign the connectors of the pump to different sub assemblies of piping.


I hope it's all clear.

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One of the previous comanies I workd for had a neat system.


They organized all parts with a 9 number code that looked like this: xxx-xxx-xxx


First number represented the type of part (spur gears - 403, gussets 201, casings - 306) the 2nd was which set of projects it was originally used for which category the company specialized the part fell under (400 - Aerospace, 300 - Nuclear Power Plants...etc). The last three was the number the part fell under in the first category.


So 403-400-023 would be the 23rd spur gear they used, and it was used for the aerospace secialization.

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Thanks for the reply,


Alltough general part naming is not my problem. My problem is giving unique names to parts coming from either the library or content center, whilest maintaining certain features. Nobody any more ideas?

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A library part is exactly what it is, and you can't rename individual instances of it. If you want to use the library part, you take it exactly as it comes, with no renaming ability. It's read only. Your easy option here really is to put it in a content center and then insert it as custom. If you're dead set on using it out of a library, you can open the library part, save as a different file name in a different location, change the iProperties, then save it back to the library under your new filename ... but if you do that, then it becomes a read only part, and if you're only using these parts with these properties in one place, then it's really a waste of time to do that.



Does the _RENAME command not work to rename the block?



Where's the command line in Inventor?

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